Routinely Adding $500k+ In Annual Recurring Revenue To DTC eCommerce Brands Across The Globe

By Leveraging The Power Of Paid Ads

Stop wasting time and money on flawed and unprofitable advertisement campaigns with “agencies” promising you the world and under-delivering. 
AKD Media is a performance-driven boutique marketing and development agency that specializes in the growth and expansion of established DTC eCommerce Businesses.

AKD Media Philosophy

Our agency is focused on one thing – results. And we do it better than anyone else in the industry. Period.

We don’t mess around with trying to take BS shortcuts or avenues that don’t move the needle forward, because the main focus at AKD Media is simple, get the best results possible for our clients from the day they sign on, through battle-tested strategically placed paid advertisements that generate a rapid growth in sales, and a constant spine-chilling ROI.

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How we'll help You succeed

We’ve Built a Money Machine That’s Predictable, Profitable, and It’s Working 24/7.

We’ll Help You Convert Complete Strangers into Life-long Customers At an Extreme Scale.

We’ll Help You Dominate the Competition and Take Over Your Industry with Omnipresence.

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Some of our happy and amazing clients!

Building Partnerships NOT Transactionships

“We found AKD Media… in only 6 months my companies sales grew from $5kMRR to $30kMRR… I love working with these guys… they provide a top-notch service… innovative, fun, and easy to work with… AKD Media took us to heights we didn’t even imagine”

- Joseph B

“Look no further then AKD Media… They took my company from $22k per month to $175k per month in just under 8 months… I wish i signed up sooner… great customer support and they genuinely care about your business”

- Alex M

“AKD Media scaled my brand from $5k per month to $25k per month in the first 3 months from signing on… BEST OF THE BEST… trust them that they will guide your business to success…take that leap of faith… I highly recommend AKD Media to any eCommerce brand”

- Alisha J

And some of the unmatched results
we get them consistently

$282,565 generated in 3.5 months
(June 1st 2020 to September 16th 2020)

Backstory on this client

After losing money month on month with current and past agencies, this client came to us in a time of desperation. This is an eCommerce client with a focus on the men’s grooming niche. Prior to becoming a AKD Media client in June of 2020, their primary source of advertising was influencer marketing, which led them from $0 to $25k MRR before being capped. With influencer marketing, there was only so much scale they could achieve, which is where we stepped in.
We were able to ramp them up to $80k+ MRR (solely from our paid traffic) in the first 3.5 months with an average monthly ROAS of 6.2, despite the fact that they’d never run a single paid ad before. This came as a result of their thorough awareness of their target customer and knowing exactly what they desired. With that information, all we had to do was put what they wanted in front of them, and they would buy. We’re currently driving this client’s monthly spend above $45k, and we’re on course to hit $4 million in ARR.

Backstory on this client

This is an eCommerce client who is rapidly becoming the industry leader in the eco-friendly niche specifically. They began working with us in March of 2020, and since then, we’ve helped them grow from a $250k ARR to a $2 million ARR, and in 2021, we’ll surpass the $5 million ARR mark.
We were able to help this client reach such high figures in such a short amount of time since they didn’t have a machine in place prior to working with us that allowed them to predictably spend x and generate (x*2,3,4,5). When it came to advertising, they were shooting in the dark, which stunted their growth and hurt their profit margins. We smoothed out their sales funnel and offer once we came on board, established deep platform tactics, and seamlessly merged them into one mammoth scaling operation.

$2,077,453 generated in 8.5 months with a 615% increase in growth compared to the previous 8.5 months
(March 1st 2020 to November 16th 2020))

Routinely Turning Brands Into Industry Goliaths

It's time to have YOUR phone ringing sales all day long.

We create, launch and manage your campaigns from start to finish, leaving you to focus on your rapid new flood of customers and clients.
Our mission is to strategically utilize your online presence to generate rapid growth in sales, with a constant spine-chilling ROI via paid advertisement.
With our team of eCommerce advertising experts, we will create and put in place the correct strategies tailored to your business, aiming to sell out your product/s regularly.

Who Is This For?

  • Businesses looking for a reliable transparent agency that delivers unmatched profitable results.
  • Businesses who want consistent predictable and profitable results.
  • Businesses that are tired of working with agencies that promise the world and deliver nothing.
  • Businesses that want to severely scale through paid traffic with battle tested methods.
  • Businesses who want to make competition irrelevant with omnipresence and sky-high growth.
  • Businesses who want to ensure their current advertising systems are operating at the highest possible level.